Pictured at right:
Rabbi Irwin Katsof with Zbigniew Brzezinksi, Former National Security Advisor and current Professor of American Foreign Policy at John Hopkins University at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona at a recent meeting.

The Global Business Leadership Council, through its extensive relationships in the International Business Community and its International Board of Advisers, actively promotes the following goals and programs:

  1. The recognition of Business Leaders who have:
    • Exhibited entrepreneurial spirit above and beyond the norm.
    • Built businesses that reflect an appreciation for the true value of the human being.
    • Exhibited creativity and vision in anticipating the needs of society and its economic development.
    • Exhibited a serious understanding of the importance of corporate and personal philanthropy and responsibility for society and its global problems.
  2. Organizes a series of Annual Business Missions and gatherings, by invitation only, where International Business Leaders are recognized with the Herzl Award, Einstein Technology Award and the prestigious King David Award.

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