Global Capital Associates is a logical outgrowth of Irwin Katsof’s work as CEO of the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, which he founded in 1995. At the Jerusalem Fund, Katsof was enormously successful in bringing many of America’s chief corporate executives, investors and entrepreneurs to Israel to explore joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Global Capital Associates aims to expand your bottom line by extending your global reach and impact. We advance your enterprise by maximizing our unparalleled access, adaptability and creativity on your behalf, and by harnessing the strengths of our strategic partners to serve you comprehensively and cost-effectively.

Toward this end, we:
Procure financing for start-up ventures, market expansion, etc.
Identify and match potential strategic partners
Promote joint ventures
Facilitate mergers and acquisitions
Consult and advise on niche markets

The Global Capital Associates Edge: We offer an impressive scope of international business services and solutions owing to our unique positioning at the nexus of business, statesmanship, and entertainment. Our clients immediately can tap GCA’s rich worldwide network of political leaders, senior industrialists, top executives, venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, academics and scientists. We fashion innovative approaches to reach your targets. Personal, immediate attention and tailor-made solutions is the GCA hallmark.

Our Valuable Competitive Edge
Irwin Katsof is able to tap into a rich network of relationships developed over the past 25 years as an educator, bestselling author and entrepreneur, having started four renowned flourishing non-profit organizations, beginning with the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, as well as Words Can Heal, HonestReporting.com, and the Global Foundation for Democracy.

These relationships include successful entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, veteran industry executives, venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, angel investors and political leaders worldwide who have come to trust his advice and guidance.

Our Extensive Network
Among the hundreds of business leaders that participated in Irwin Katsof’s innovative missions were:

Gregory Brenneman — Chief Executive Officer of Burger King Corporation and former President and COO of Continental Airlines, Inc.
Dr. Francis Collins — Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at the NIH and Senior Investigator of the Genome Technology Branch
Pete Coors — Chairman of Coors Brewery
Elliot Hahn — President of SoLaPharm and Chairman Emeritus of Andrx
Brian Halla — Chairman and CEO of the National Semiconductor Corporation and Chairman of the Semiconductor
Industry Association
Howard Jonas — Chairman of IDT Corporation
John Kluge — Chairman and President of Metromedia Company
Len Leader — former President of AOL Time Warner Investments
Dr. Jack London — Chairman of CACI
Howard Schultz — Founder of Starbucks
John Slade — Chairman Emeritus of Bear Stearns
Barry Sternlicht — Executive Chairman of Starwood Hotels
Michael Vasinkevich — Senior Managing Partner of Rodman and Renshaw
Sanford Weill — Former Chairman and CEO of Citigroup, Inc.
Dr. Harlan Weisman — Company Group Chairman, Research and Development, Pharmaceuticals, Johnson and Johnson

Global Capital Associates Commitment to Social Responsibility
Global Capital Associates will donate a minimum of 20% of all profits to promote educational and social welfare projects the world over.

As an outgrowth of our profound commitment to improving the world, we recognize the essential role of business visionaries who demonstrate leadership in making the world a better place through their innovative products and ventures and in their philanthropic endeavors.