Irwin Katsof, Lady Margaret Thatcher and Tom Brokaw. Former Attorney General of the United States John Ashcroft, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The Right Honorable Sir John Major, KG, CH and Irwin Katsof. Former President Bill Clinton with Irwin Katsof. Michael Douglas, President Mikhail Gorbachev, Raisa Gorbachev and Barbara Walters.

Words Can Heal
Words Can Heal is a national campaign to eliminate verbal violence, curb gossip and promote the healing power of words to enhance relationships at every level.

At a time when so many feel that outside events are beyond their control, we offer concrete tools and know-how to dramatically rebuild our communities and relationships through the words we speak and the way we communicate. At a time of national crisis, as we re-evaluate our lives and re-order priorities, the Words Can Heal message resonates even more forcefully. You can read more about Words Can Heal at

World Congress of Christians, Jews and Muslims

The mission of the World Congress of Christians, Jews and Muslims is to harness the spiritual power and religious wisdom of these faiths in the service of universal peace and tolerance. Toward that end, we bring together inspiring, influential religious leaders and committed private sector elites to set a common agenda promoting the sanctity of human life and religious reconciliation through respect and freedom, even when they grapple with the thorniest issues facing humanity, including religious extremism, terrorism, oppression, prejudice and hate. You can read more about thethe World Congress of Christians, Jews and Muslims at: