Strategic Networking
GCA enables you to capitalize on a worldwide global network of top-level contacts in government, business, finance, defense, security, life sciences, technology, and entertainment, among other areas, developed over two decades. Our network works for you.

Irwin Katsof’s outstanding ability to identify areas ripe for cooperation between US and companies throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the Mideast led to a series of pathbreaking missions with excellent results. These missions have included:

High Tech Innovation Mission to Israel, September 10 – 15, 2005, Chaired by Alan Ganek, VP of Autonomic Computing, Software Group and CTO, Tivoli, IBM Corporation, Faisal Hoque Founder & Chairman of BTM Institute and Chairman and CEO of Enamics, Inc. , Mitchel Lenson Managing Director, and ex Group CIO, now Senior Advisor to the Board, Deutsche Bank, Mark Minevich Chairman, BTM Global Leadership Council; Chief Strategic Officer, Enamics; International Strategic Advisor; Author; and Former CTO, IBM Next Generation, Ellen Pearlman Vice President, Ziff Davis; Editor in Chief, CIO Insight.

The Second Annual Life Science Mission to Israel, June 26 - 30, 2005, chaired by Jonathan Silverstein General Partner, OrbiMed Advisors, LLC. And hosted by The New Jerusalem Foundation, The Jerusalem Development Authority, Mr. Ehud Olmert - Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, Labor & Trade, State of Israel, Mr. Danny Naveh - Minister of Health, State of Israel, Mr. Uri Lupoliansky - Mayor of Jerusalem.

The first-ever Defense, Aerospace and Homeland Security mission, chaired by the former Undersecretary of the Army Joe Reeder and Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security Robert Liscouski, and attended by two members of the Senate Armed Services Committee and two members of the House Armed Services Committee.

The first-ever Life Sciences Mission to Israel, August 8 - 14, 2004, was led by former Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner, Dr. Mark McClellan; Lehman Brothers Vice Chairman, Fred Frank; Former Chairman and CEO of Human Genome, Dr. Bill Haseltine; and President & CEO of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Leonard Schleifer. Additionally, the Life Sciences Conference in Jerusalem drew 500 Israeli executives.

The two High Tech Missions, April 4, 2001, & October 10-17, 1999, brought to Israel the Vice President of Technology at Warner Music, Tsvi Gal; Chairman & CEO of, Naveen Jain; Co-Founder of Akamai Technologies, Inc., Randall Kaplan; Executive Vice President of Technology Strategy at EMC Corporation, Erez Ofer; and COO of Yahoo! and former President and CEO of ZDNet, Daniel Rosenzweig.

Irwin Katsof’s goals have resonated on both sides of the political aisle and across the Atlantic, drawing top policymakers and statesmen. The participant list for his missions and events is a veritable who’s who of movers and shakers: President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Lady Margaret Thatcher, former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani, former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Ambassador to the UN Jeanne Kirkpatrick, former Governor of New Jersey Christine Whitman, and Senators Evan Bayh, Joseph Biden, Orrin Hatch, John Kerry, John Linder, John McHugh, Ben Nelson, Harry Reid.

Growth Consulting
GCA helps you fashion the optimum growth strategy, laying out a plan and accompanying you every step of the way. You deal directly with our seasoned consultants in real time to achieve your targets.

Financial Services
GCA identifies your firm’s financial aims, be it horizontal or vertical integration, a public offering, or mergers and acquisitions - and hooks you up with the right partners to make it happen: investors, venture capitalists, angel investors or investment bankers. In concert with our affiliates, we coordinate road shows and lobbying initiatives. We work with investment and commercial banks, individual and institutional investors, private and public corporations, and government agencies.

Public Policy & Government Affairs
GCA plans, coordinates and manages local, regional and national public policy initiatives. Our broad network, which includes elected officials and senior policymakers, enhances your access and effectiveness. We are proud of our ability both to recruit private sector sponsorship for worthy public policy campaigns and to identify areas ripe for inter-governmental, or public-private sector, cooperation.

Marketing & Communications
GCA ensures that our clients break out of the pack with singular corporate image packaging, spanning logos to websites, gala special events to multi-media advertising, direct mail to viral marketing, and beyond.

Media Relations
GCA devises a sophisticated media strategy to advance your goals by building on our extensive contacts to generate positive media coverage through media conferences, releases, and briefings, among other tools. Moreover, we coach you to face the media – and other audiences – gracefully, constructively and effectively.